What We Offer

Ideal’s Fleet Management system puts you in total control of your fleet. Our GPS and GSM enabled technology allows for real-time location, tracking and monitoring of your vehicles, enabling you to effectively and conveniently manage your fleet from anywhere, at any time.

Ideal’s Asset tracking  hardware and software  logs information about tangible assets, allowing a business to verify its assets’ location and status.

Our system sends alerts to asset managers when anything goes amiss. 

Looking for a GPS tracker for your pet? Check out Ideal’s pet tracker. You can track through an app, SMS, or the internet. With its Geo-fence feature, you can set a safe range for your pet. You’ll get immediate notifications whenever the pet gets out of the marked safe range.

Frequently Asked Question

These are some of the frequently asked questions we get from our clients.

We have our technicians positioned strategically within the country to serve our clients from all over. We also have a yard for secure installation. 

We chose a network that best fits your needs. There is no a one size fits all solution since every geographical region is unique. 

Typical areas of improvement include:

  • Reduce fuel expenses resulting from a host of reasons
  • Reduced accidents
  • Improved productivity
  • Improvements in fleet maintenance expenses.

Our software is configured to track a device all over the world.

Yes, our trackers are made with water resistant materials.

The trackers have been equipped with a 180mAh backup battery and can last for 60+ days before it turns off . Battery for the ideal trackers is “unlimited”. It draws power directly from your vehicle and will never “die” as long as the device is plugged in.

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